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Daoist Qigong Ottawa
Offered exclusively at Shambhala Centres
A spiritual discipline that cultivates body and mind offered exclusively at Shambhala Centres
The Nine Stage Path of Daoist Qigong
Level 3,4, and 5
The Beginning Stages

In this level, students will learn Hua Tu's Five Animal Forms – Tiger for tendon strength, Bear for bone strength, Deer for preserving generative energy, Monkey for enhanced agility and Bird for improved balance. Four more Yiquan Standing Qigong postures will be taught, and students begin receiving instruction in The Immortals' Guide to Self-Massage and Breath Regulation, as well as Red Phoenix Calisthenics. These qigong systems are practices for removing blockages in the meridians, aligning the spinal column for optimal circulation of qi, and strengthening tendons, bones and muscles.

The immortals’ Guide to Self-massage and Breath Regulation and the Red Phoenix Calisthenics will be completed in levels 4 and 5. In addition, by the end of level 5 students will have learned the Internal Five Animals System (tiger, dragon, leopard, snake, crane) of physical strengthening as well as the last two postures of Yiquan Standing Qigong.

Length: each level is a two-day program