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Daoist Qigong Ottawa
Offered exclusively at Shambhala Centres
A spiritual discipline that cultivates body and mind offered exclusively at Shambhala Centres
The Nine Stage Path of Daoist Qigong
Level 6
The Intermediate Stage

In this level students will learn Chen Xiyi’s Twenty-four Seasonal Qigong. Each form is designed to enhance health and improve immunity to illness prevalent in each season. In addition, the participants will be taught the entire set of the Dragon-Tiger Frolics which combine tendon, bone, and spinal strengthening with conserving and transforming internal energy. This level also introduces the student to walking qigong forms from the school of Bagua Palm internal martial arts.

Qigong practice in this level will be integrated with sitting meditation.

Prerequisite: Levels 1 through 5 and all five intensives

Length: three-day program