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Daoist Qigong Ottawa
Offered exclusively at Shambhala Centres
A spiritual discipline that cultivates body and mind offered exclusively at Shambhala Centres
The Nine Stage Path of Daoist Qigong
Level 7,8,9
The Advanced Stages

These three levels focus on the Microcosmic Orbit Practice which merges outer and inner qigong. The Microcosmic Orbit is formed by the joining of the Ren (Function) and Du (Governing) meridians when all blockages in the energy channels are cleared. In this stage of training physical posture and mental stillness are integrated to facilitate the natural circulation of energy in the Microcosmic Orbit.

In level 7 students will learn how to arouse the inner fire for the transmutation of generative energy (jing) into vital energy (qi).

Length: each level is a three-day program